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Wild Intrigue is a small team with huge ambition.
Over the years the Wild Intrigue family has grown more than ever hoped, with nature-minded landowners, fascinating naturalists and independent foodies just some of those contributing to Wild Intrigue Mini Expeds.
Find out more about the core team below.

Heather Devey


All that’s needed to connect with and conserve wildlife is ‘that spark’, an intrigue for the wilds, and who doesn’t have that?

I’m passionate about ‘rewilding for all’, discovering, designing and leading ways for every person to connect directly with nature, and to benefit from these interactions mentally, physically and spiritually.

I absolutely love creating fresh ways to share the enchantment of nature with others, enticing people away from their usual routines – which we’re all guilty of  becoming a little trapped in – in place of an adventure in the wilds.

After all, who can resist a night of bat watching, pizza making and marshmallow toasting over a night of telly? Or an impulsive adventure to a private Scottish island with only otters and eagles as neighbours?

The enchantment of Nature is essential to ensuring its survival here in Britain.

Applying my experience as an ecologist and educator, and my own ever-growing intrigue for the wilds, I hope to inspire a diverse audience to join us in rewilding themselves, and directly conserving Britain’s native wildlife – wherever that may be.

Cain Scrimgeour


All it takes to create a life-long love for nature, and a motivation to protect, it one moment. For me this was a moment shared with a kind birdwatcher when I was a teen, who’d invited me into my local members birdwatching hide, and allowed me to look through his scope, directly onto a Great Crested Grebe on its nest. How could something so beautiful, something so different, be so close to my home without me even knowing about it? What else was out there?

It’s this moment I hope to create within others, “How can my local area be this wild and beautiful, and how can I help look after it?”

The world of photography was a natural progression for me from this point, capturing in essence the beauty of the world around me. Through my freelance work as a wildlife filmmaker and photographer, I’ve had the privilege of working in incredible locations across the world, seeing species and landscapes that continue to inspire me now.

However the purpose of use of media in the wildlife conservation sector continues to shift, with new technology enabling access to wider audiences, with less disturbance to wildlife, and with the potential to create impactful content.

This is a great interest to me, and I believe is of increasing importance in the constantly declining state of our wildlife, and the fast paced changing interests of the public. To inspire and engage people through ethically captured photography and film of our British wildlife, to ultimately encourage them to journey just a little further into the wilds; whether urban or rural.

Phil Allott


My journey into discovering the love of nature, like many, started during childhood. Growing up in Northumberland provided me with a diverse range of habitats to discover and explore, from hills and the uplands to beaches and islands. I have also developed a fascination with the way in which nature can reclaim, repopulate and rewild urban landscapes.

My predominant interest has always been birds but as I grew, I started to see the whole picture, thinking that if I learned what a bird eats and which tree it uses to build its nest in then surely this would help me to understand it more. It was a real lightbulb moment and I’ve never looked back. With a wider understanding and appreciation of all aspects of nature comes a more intriguing and exciting journey through life. Everyday becomes an adventure and nature presents you with a gift! 

Those natural gifts, I believe need to be shared and through Wild Intrigue I am privileged to pass on those gifts and help others enjoy them. I believe that developing an understanding of how to coexist with the natural world is key to not only finding happiness but a balance in life. 

As a result, I hope to inspire, educate and rewild as many people as I can towards appreciating the gifts of the natural world.