Moths & Muffins Morning

Racy Ghyll Farm

Discover the enchantment of night-time pollinators

Nestled in the Lakeland valley of Matterdale, Racy Ghyll Farm and the Rebanks Family have gained admiration and respect for their Herdwick Sheep, but most recently James’ strong advocation of nature-friendly farming, and his acclaimed book “The Shepherd’s Life: A Tale of the Lake District” and his forthecoming “English Pastoral | An Inheritance“.

The site offers an interesting mosaic of habitats, which provides essential habitat for a mix of beautiful, magical moth species including Garden Tiger, Beautiful Golden Y, Poplar Hawkmoth and Green Carpet.

 Moth trapping is extremely important for conservation. Moths have an important role in our ecosystems and are an indicator of changes in the climate and habitats. Once captured and recorded all the moths are safely released back to the wild.

Based out of Racy Ghyll’s comfortable education room, you will be introduced to the beauty and intrigue of these misunderstood creatures, humanely live-caught in traps on site the previous night.

The morning will start with a fascinating short talk by Wild Intrigue, accompanied by hot drinks and delicious muffins made by the Rebanks’ family, before we had out to collect the moth traps.

kaleidoscope of colour awaits! Whilst your Wild Intrigue guides go through identifying and recording the species, you will have the opportunity to take photographs of these under-appreciated night-pollinators. 

Moth trapping is extremely important for conservation; this little-appreciated group have an important role in our ecosystems and are an indicator of changes in the climate and habitats, and is an ongoing method to survey the wildlife of James Rebanks’ farm. Once captured and recorded all the moths are safely released back to the wild.


Adults £15

Under 18 £12 (must be accompanied by a paying adult)


Location & Dates

Sunday 21st June – 10:00 – 12:00

Racy Ghyll Farm is located only a short drive away from Keswick or Penrith, in the beautiful Matterdale Valley. Further location details will provided on booking.

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The Adventure

What better way to start your morning than a hot coffee, delicious muffin and.. a bucket load of moths! Some of our most misunderstood creatures, moths are more diverse, a little more intriguing, and - in our opinion - even more beautiful than their favoured cousins, butterflies.

On this Mini Exped you will join Wild Intrigue to discover the kaleidoscope of iridescent, glimmering and vibrant colour that awaits as we empty the prior night’s moth traps. This is a perfect opportunity for macro photography, or to simply discover the hidden world of our night time pollinators.


Racy Ghyll Farm

Matterdale, Cumbria

(A short drive from Penrith or Keswick)

Accommodation Tips

Accommodation is not provided on Mini Expeds, however there are a number of wonderful accommodation providers based local to Racy Ghyll. From camping to B&B's and hotels, why not make a break of it?

Get in touch with Wild Intrigue to find out about your accommodation options.

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