Book your Mini Exped now

Book your Mini Exped now

Moths & Muffins Morning
Discover the enchantment of the night by joining one of our NEW Moths and Muffins Mornings, at Wild Northumbrian, Tarset. This rural glamping site is managed with wildlife at its core, providing a rich mosaic of habitats that attract magical moth species...
Bats & Pizza Nights
A feast of food & nature in the wilds of Northumberland Rewild your week by joining one of our Bats and Pizza Nights at the tranquil, rural glamping site; Wild Northumbrian.
Bat Safari
Join us for a fascinating insight into your nocturnal neighbours! Using our expertise and skills as bat surveyors, as well as our endless intrigue for bat ecology, we will guide you on a bat safari to introduce you to the sights and sounds of the town’s Chiroptera.
Kittiwakes & Doughnuts
Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the worlds most inland seabird colony at one of our exciting new Kittiwakes & Doughnuts events. After spending half of the year out at sea, the Tyne Kittiwakes return to nest on the buildings and bridges of Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside, their calls a wild backdrop to a […]
Racy Ghyll Farm
Discover nature friendly farming in the Matterdale Valley Nestled in the Lakeland valley of Matterdale, Racy Ghyll Farm and the Rebanks Family have gained admiration and respect for their Herdwick Sheep. Most recently, James Rebanks has shared his 600 year family passion and history of living and shepherding in this valley in his internationally acclaimed […]

Booking Terms

Before you book onto your chosen Wild Intrigue Expedition, please read the following points carefully and ensure that you agree with each statement (detailed below).

If you are unsure what a particular statement means, or believe that you cannot agree to a statement but would still love to book onto an Expedition, please get in touch with us using the Contact Page and we will offer you our advice as quickly as possible.

  • I am aged 18 or over.
  • I am interested in and willing to learn about wildlife, and am keen to get involved in the Expedition content.
  • I will ensure that I read Wild Intrigue’s recommended seasonal kit list once I have booked to sufficiently prepare myself for the Expedition.
  • As a wildlife enthusiast, I will not intentionally disturb or cause distress to wildlife whilst on an Expedition.
  • I will take out my own travel insurance for my chosen Expedition. (This ensures that you are covered during your free time on your Expedition, and can be bought for as little as £3 online).
  • I will ensure that I have paid the full Expedition cost prior to the Expedition. This is normally required to be paid up to 3 weeks prior to the Expedition start date.
  • I am aware of the following regarding Expedition deposits:

In the unlikely event that Wild Intrigue should cancel my chosen Expedition, your deposit and any other money paid will be fully refunded or transferred to another available Expedition of your choice.