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Woodland Wildlife Hide

Woodland Wildlife Hide

(7 customer reviews)

Photograph some of northern England’s most intriguing wildlife, at Wild Intrigue’s purpose built hide at RSPB Haweswater.

From the iconic Red Squirrel to the elusive Great Spotted Woodpecker, the Wild Intrigue Woodland Wildlife Hide provides incredible wildlife encounters and photography opportunities. Situated in a quiet corner of the Lake District within the mossy woodlands of RSPB Haweswater, the hide is the perfect, secluded base to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

RSPB Haweswater is not only beautiful, it is an inspiring demonstration of how nature and people can thrive together in the Lake District National Park. Through practical regeneration work, special habitats and wildlife are being reconnected, enhanced and conserved. The woodlands are alive with an impressive diversity of species, many of which visit the hide. Your booking will contribute to the continued conservation and enhancement of these important habitats, and the wildlife they support.

Developed and constructed from a photographic perspective, the hide looks out onto a beautiful woodland scene, with natural perches and a well established feeding station. Two-way mirror windows, photography ports and gimbal heads give you the best chance of capturing those perfect images, whilst luxury seats and complimentary refreshments make you feel right at home.

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A variety of the highest quality seeds and nuts are always topped up in the feeding station, providing a balanced diet for wild visitors and supporting local businesses. Through the provision of high quality, varied food, the hide welcomes a rich array of species, with fluttering wings and pitter-pattering squirrel footsteps often the accompanying soundtrack.

Of course the wildlife of Haweswater is just that – wild! So it cannot be guaranteed which species will visit, or when they may appear.

Upon arrival, a Wild Intrigue guide will meet you to provide seasoned advice, and handy tips to make the most of your experience and images before walking you to the hide. Once settled in, you are welcome to enjoy the hide for yourself. Full arrival details will be provided upon booking.

Wild Intrigue are proud to support the Wild Haweswater initiative through the construction and operation of the Woodland Wildlife Hide.

*Please note the Woodland Wildlife Hide closes from 1st August until mid November, due to the excellent conservation work of RSPB Haweswater the Red Squirrels have a bountiful supply of natural food at this time of the year, which means they only visit the hide sporadically. 

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June 2024


£100.00 1 photographer

£160.00 2 photographers




One person: £100.00

Two persons: £160.00

The above prices are for full day hire of the Woodland Wildlife Hide. We also have some half day hide hire and Breakfast with Red Squirrel watching sessions.

The hide has been set for focal lengths between 300-600mm to enable a good variety of images.

Each of the windows have Neville plates and gimbal heads which are suitable for zoom lenses. Beanbags are also provided for larger aperture lenses.

The hide can become a little cold during the winter months, particularly during all-day photography sessions,  so we recommend coming wrapped up with plenty of layers.

The walk up to the hide is along a rough track and a up a small hill, which is often wet and muddy. Wellies are highly recommend for the walk in.

Wild Intrigue does not provide insurance, therefore you will need to provide your own camera or travel insurance if necessary.

Hot drinks and locally-made biscuits are provided, however there is currently no visitor centre or cafe at RSPB Haweswater so a packed lunch is recommended.

A Wild Intrigue guide will meet you on arrival to provide handy tips and advice to make the most of your time in the hide, they will also walk you up to the hide.

Session timings and the parking location will be provided via email upon booking.

The hide is a short walk (5-10 minute) from the car park, along a rough track and up a small hill.

There is a small ford which is usually dry, though in periods of heavy rain fall it does fill with water, wellies are recommended (we can also provider a pair of waders if necessary). In the event of extremely heavy rain, the ford can become impassable, in this situation we will be in touch with you with as much notice as possible.

A toilet is available for use at the car park, there are no toilets at the hide itself.

A contact system will be in place should you need to get in touch with Wild Intrigue.

We will provide bird seed and hazel nuts for you to top up the perches on full day sessions, with the understanding that leaving the hide may impact wildlife activity.

7 reviews for Woodland Wildlife Hide

  1. Edward Braham (verified owner)

    We had a great day! We met Cain at 7 as arranged and walked up. Happily the ford was dry and in no time we were at the hide. Boots off before we went in and we put them on the tray provided.

    The hide is brand new, well laid out and incredibly well equipped. When it came out, the sun was always more or less behind us There is an open window section below, camouflaged with netting, and one-way mirrored window above.

    For the photographer, gimbals on movable stands plus also good beanbags. If I was being fussy I would say my gimbal is better engineered and moves more easily, but these are very usable indeed and are on short desktop stands that can be moved around easily. I would use these ones if I am lucky enough to be able to come back.

    I used a full frame Canon with 100-400mm and 600mm lenses, and both have their advantages. I got some nice pics with the zoom but took more pics with the 600mm as the light was not great and I wanted the wider aperture. It was a bit tight though for squirrels – a 500mm would have given a bit more room – but the extra reach was great for smaller birds. Beanbag needed for the longer lens but I got to really enjoy the ease of moving around with it..

    Office-style chairs mean you can raise the height and look through the one-way glass or drop it and use the bench/open windows. Plus the castors mean you can move around easily. Such a good solution!

    Rubber matting on the floor meant we were just about warm enough even without indoor slippers, which had been recommended but we left ours in the car by mistake! I will remember next time.

    Proper coffee and biscuits as well were much appreciated too.

    Squirrels were very co-operative and even the early photos in relatively low light were fun. Birds included Pied Flycatcher on the way up, Lesser Redpoll, Nuthatch, Siskin, Coal Tit, Chaffinch and Jay.

    My wife came with me. As well as having a great time too herself, it was really helpful to have someone who was looking at everything going while I was engrossed with what I could see in the viewfinder.

    We left around 12 but could have put out more food for the wildlife and stayed till late afternoon.

    Thank you for such a great experience.

  2. malcolm Welch (verified owner)

    After a period of poor weather I was lucky to get a fine sunny day with a cold start. Good to get a freindly welcome and pleasant chat as I was shown up to the hide. The willdlife was already waiting and took litttle notice of our arrival. Excellent hide and the added touch of comfy chairs makes all the difference for oldies like me with arthritis in my back. Six hours on my own flashed by with only a few short breaks in the wildlife to watch and photograph.

    Took a short while to get used to red squirrels clattering on the roof and then peering in through the two way galss only inches from my face. Whilst seems a bit pricey to book I believe it is the going rate for such hides elswhere and you can’t fault the facilities in the hide.

    A very enjoyable visit and many exellent photos.

  3. Wayne Munton (verified owner)

    After doing a lot of research into a place to see red squirrels in and around the Lake district RSPB Haweswater popped up. So after reading about Haweswater and the work @wildintrigue are doing in the area I thought it would be a good choice to try, hopefully seeing Squirrels, Woodpecker and plenty of other birds to photograph.
    Wow! I was not disappointed in any way.
    After meeting Cain and Heather at 8am with a very pleasant welcome I was shown to the hide.
    As the information says, just a short walk up the track.
    The seed and nuts were put out by Cain leaving me with extra to put out later if I needed it.
    As soon as I shut the door and got set up (10 mins) the Squirrels were there running about coming from every direction.
    At first the light wasn’t good having to use a relatively slow shutter speed 1/200 and high ISO 6400 so luckily they did sit still enough.
    The light got a lot better as it got later in the morning and as the sun came round after dinner time it was fully on the perches from behind.
    I can honestly say that is the busiest I have been in a hide with at times Squirrels, Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and lots of Tits flying around.
    The squirrels were there all morning up to about 12 then occasional visits in the afternoon but quite regular. Woodpeckers all day with up to 5 flying around at once as well as the Blue, Coal and great tits. Not forgetting the Nuthatches.
    The hide is fit for purpose with comfy chairs, gimbles and beanbags. Tea and coffee with biscuits.
    I visited in December and as the info will tell you it can be cold.
    Yes it was very cold so wrap up warm but you will be busy taking pictures. But if you don’t like the cold then visit in the summer.
    The price is the going rate for a hide like this and well worth it with the amount of wildlife you will see.
    So would fully recommend if watching and taking pictures of wildlife is your thing.

  4. Neil St John (verified owner)

    A warm welcome from Cain at the agreed meet up time and just a short walk up to the hide. I was very impressed with the build quality, design and comfort together with tea, coffee, fresh milk and biscuits. It was a cold day and the refreshments were very welcome. There was immediate activity and I was delighted to see my very first Red Squirrels. I managed to get some lovely Greater Spotted Woodpecker images as well as Siskin, Nuthatch, Chaffinch and of course Red Squirrels. I’ll certainly return for another session and I have no hesitation in recommending this hide and the organisation operating it. Overall extremely happy with the whole experience!

  5. Al Milby (verified owner)

    Best day photography I have ever had .
    The hide is comfortable & well laid out , gimbals provided & comfy chairs a added bonus .
    We were left with plenty of seeds & nuts to put out if needed .
    Waking upto the hide we could hear woodpeckers from three different directions which was great. After about ten minutes we had our first red visitor & then a second , they stayed for a while collecting & burying nuts , they came back a couple more times in the day. But with the amount of birds about you will still have plenty to photograph.
    We managed to get red squirrel , greater spotted woodpeckers , blue tits , great tits , chaffinch , Siskin , just missed a pair of long tailed tits .
    Word of advice , keep a eye out of the side window .
    Absolutely brilliant & I have already booked to come back in a couple of months.

  6. Kim W (verified owner)

    Absolutely confirm what other reviewers have said. This is one of the best hides I’ve used in terms of its location, facilities and all round user friendliness. The squirrels were most active between 7.30 and I’d say 11.30 ( up to 5 different squirrels ) but one or two were back and forth most of the time I was there. I left about 2.30. A variety of birds also including Redpoll, Siskin, Nuthatch and GSW appeared regularly. Coffee in the hide a real bonus also.

  7. Alan milby (verified owner)

    Second time at the hide. Absolutely brilliant.
    We had a fox cub stroll past & thankfully managed to get a couple of focused shots in time. Greater spotted woodpecker & juveniles are showing well. Young nuthatch & many other young birds at the feeders & you can listen to cuckoos while photographing.
    On the way up to the hide there was a squirrel climbing about already , two young made a appearance , mainly in the trees but did pop down on the grass .
    We heard one on the roof after a few hours & a couple of fighters roared over & scared him/her off.
    We were just packing up & two juvenile squirrel returned , again a little on the ground , but mostly in the tree , brilliant to watch them chase each other around a tree, so we obviously had to stay for another hour & a half.
    Another brilliant visit.

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