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Wild Intrigue Mini Expeds

Rewild yourself in The North of England
Wild Intrigue Mini Expeds celebrate the spectacular wildlife, pioneering places, inspiring people and sustainable produce of The North. We reinvest a percentage of ticket sales back into local nature and people, so thanks for helping to keep The North lush.
Explore the full 2023 Mini Exped collection below, or explore our What’s On guide to view particular dates, locations or species.

Beaver Enclosure Safari
Explore the first beaver habitat in Northumberland for over 400 years
Dusk Beaver Safari
Discover the first Beavers in Northumberland for over 400 years
Spirit of the Wild
A cocktail of wildlife discovery & award winning gin at Hepple Wilds
Goats & Gourmet
Mythical beats and exceptional wild dining in Northumberland's College Valley
Night Out with Nightjars
An Evening of Awe in the Enchanted Forest
Dawn Chorus Disco
Nature's orchestra meets disco tech in Ouseburn, Newcastle
Quayside Wildlife Safari
Explore the urban wilds of the River Tyne
Ouseburn Bat Safaris
Discover the night life of Ouseburn, Newcastle
Kittiwakes & Doughnuts
Meet the Urban Seafarers of the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside
Tyne Kittiwake Safari
A brunch-time stroll to discover the sights, sound and ecology of the Tyne Kittiwakes.
Sunset Kittiwake Safari
Discover the Tyne Kittiwakes as the sun sets on the Newcastle Gateshead skyline
Afternoon Tea in the Woodland Hide
An afternoon of delicious enchantment at Haweswater, Lake District.
Kielder Wildlife Rangers
A wild mini adventure for the whole family!
Kielder Bat Safari
Eavesdrop on Kielder's bats under the setting sun
Osprey Watching Cruise
Spectacular encounters with enigmatic Ospreys at Kielder Water and Forest
Bats & Beers
Discover award winning beers and creatures of the night in Bellingham, Northumberland
Moths & Muffins | Wild Northumbrian
A kaleidoscope of colour awaits in beautiful Northumberland
Bats & Pizza Nights
An evening feast of food and nature at Wild Northumbrian
Breakfast with Red Squirrels
A breakfast buffet with wild company at Wild Haweswater, Lake District
Walltown Wildlife Rangers
A family wildlife adventure in Northumberland National Park

What is a Mini Exped?

Wild Intrigue Mini Expeds bring a touch of wildness back into your week. Specially crafted by Wild Intrigue, each event brings the best of The North of England’s incredible wildlife, pioneering places, inspiring people and delicious treats into a collection of memorable experiences for you to enjoy.

Each Mini Exped is carefully created with nature and people in mind. Nature-friendly landowners and local sustainable producers are an important part of these memorable experiences.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest a percentage of ticket sales to support local nature and people. Following our 2022 season, we reinvested over £10K to conservation organisations, sustainable businesses and nature-minded landowners, thanks to those who booked our Mini Expeds and wildlife photography hides.

So come and rewild yourself in The North of England, and support nature while you’re at it! From Dawn Chorus Discos in Newcastle City, to Osprey Watching Cruises in Northumberland and Breakfast with Red Squirrels experiences in the Lake District, our Mini Expeds are perfect for memorable family adventures, unusual dates and immersive solo escapes.

Your Mini Exped Key

On each Mini Exped page you will find a Mini Exped Key. This tells you all you need to know, but if you have questions get in touch with Wild Intrigue.

Mini Exped

A glimpse into what to expect on the Mini Exped; such as wildlife that's guaranteed and likely to be seen, any treats that are included and who's made them, and other 'good to know' stuff.


Where the Mini Exped will take place, what urban/ rural habitats to expect, and a brief insight into who manages the land, where appropriate. To respect the privacy of landowners, exact meeting locations will be provided upon booking in some instances.

Accommodation Tips

Mini Expeds don't include accommodation, but who doesn't enjoy a cheeky rewilding break? Here you can find tips on local accommodation, as well as any special accommodation offers that might apply to your Mini Exped (treats!).