Wild Intrigue Mini Expeds

Escape routine for a few hours on a rewilding adventure,
and discover how intriguing your local wildlife really is!
Bats & Pizza Nights
A feast of food and nature!
Kittiwakes & Doughnuts
Meet the Urban Seafarers of Newcastle
Ouseburn Bat Safaris
Eavesdrop on your nocturnal neighbours
Moths & Muffins Morning Wild Northumbrian
A kaleidoscope of colour awaits!
Moths & Muffins Morning Racy Ghyll Farm
Discover the enchantment of night-time pollinators
Bats & Brownies Racy Ghyll Farm
A unique, memorable night at Racy Ghyll Farm!

What is a Mini Exped?

Our Mini Expeds were created by listening to you! Keen to escape routine with your families, friends, or on a sole-adventure, for just a few hours. And so we launched our first Mini Expeds in 2017; Bats & Pizza Nights in the beautiful wilds of Northumberland, and you couldn’t get enough of them!

So this year we’re excited to host a new collection of Mini Expeds in the North East and Cumbria, for families and adults to enjoy, not forgetting our Bats & Pizza Nights too of course. As well as hosting these in beautiful rural locations, we will be introducing Mini Expeds in urban jungles too.

Mini Expeds run for 45 minutes to a full day, and are hosted in the morning, during the day, or in the evening depending upon the activity of the wildlife we’re discovering.

Mini Expeds aren’t your usual wildlife walks. We partner with ethical landowners, local food and drink providers and grassroots conservationists to create exciting, memorable experiences for you to share with those you attend with. Whether you battle over making ‘The Ultimate Stonebaked Pizza” with your friends, or discover the roofs of Newcastle bejewelled with nesting Kittiwakes for the first time with your family. We’re here to give you bursts of memorable, wild moments within your week.

Your Mini Exped Key

On each of our Mini Exped pages you will find our Mini Exped Key. This tells you all you need to know about you chosen adventure

The Adventure

A glimpse into what you can expect form your chosen Mini Exped; including the wildlife we’ll encounter, delicious food and drink included, and anything else we think you’d like to know


The place your Mini Exped will take place, including the habitats on site. We will send you additional information on suggested clothing to bring to fit with the location and season when you book.

Accommodation Tips

Our Mini Expeds do not include an overnight stay, however this doesn’t mean you can’t extend your adventure! Here you can find our tips on local accommodation providers, as well as any special Wild Intrigue accommodation offers that may apply to your Mini Exped (treats!).