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We’ve become a CIC!

We’re REALLY excited to announce that, as of today, Wild Intrigue is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC). Woohoo!!

As with any new business on the block, Wild Intrigue has adapted itself into various beasts since its inception in 2014. Our passion and focus throughout has been to find unique ways to share the enchantment of nature in northern England to ‘inspire, educate and rewild’ people, to bring the intrigue of the wilds to as many as we can, and contribute to the restoration of nature while we’re at it.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, where we can finally say that we’re ready to let go of the reigns a little and let Wild Intrigue expand. Throughout its growth we’ve been particularly careful to ensure Wild Intrigue has grown sustainably, that it doesn’t get too big for its boots too quickly, so we can make sure we put a worthy amount of effort into everything we take on; whether that’s delivering our Mini Expeds and community projects, or developing new relationships whilst maintaining existing ones. It’s important to us that Wild Intrigue has a ‘face’, and many of you will be familiar that those faces have largely consisted of myself and Cain.

Soon, you’ll be introduced to a new face, Phil Allott, who’s joining Cain and I as a Director of Wild Intrigue. We know you’ll love him, and we look forward to introducing you to him soon. He’s a lovely North East based naturalist, so what’s not to like?

We have learned a lot throughout our seven year growth. From using media to engage new audiences with nature, to delving into nature-friendly landscape management and tracking down the best doughnuts in the Toon. Every step taken has enabled us to share a fresh outlook of nature to contrasting audiences; urban families and rural farmers, established naturalists and nature newbies. Now that Wild Intrigue has evolved into a creature that we can see a strong future for, we’re ready to take the next big leap. By registering as a CIC, we can explore brand new ways to create a lasting, positive impact on people and nature, and hopefully, grow our team. We have HUGE plans to bring more of the north’s wildlife to you, to involve you in its protection, and to enable a wider collective of people to access the benefits of nature’s pure enchantment.

Thank you all for supporting us on our journey to this point. We’re only just getting started.

Heather, Cain and Phil

Directors, Wild Intrigue CIC(!)

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