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Dawn Chorus Disco

An urban wildlife acoustic spectacle

Mixing nature’s dawn orchestra with silent disco tech, this popular experience is a celebration of the spectacular spring Dawn Chorus.

The Dawn Chorus is one of spring’s most stunning acoustic spectacles, each bird becomes a musician contributing to an incredible orchestral masterpiece. Wild Intrigue’s Dawn Chorus Disco is an opportunity to become immersed in the heart of the live Ouseburn orchestra, and to appreciate each of the individual songsters taking part.

Using a single parabolic dish, your Wild Intrigue Guide will take you on an acoustic safari like no other, bringing the incredible intricacies of each birdsong straight to your ears through wireless headphones as you slowly water through the valley at sunrise. In isolation from the rest of the Dawn Chorus, every one of the 64 notes in a Wren’s song will pop, the repertoire of the Song Thrush will become even brighter, and the aria of the Blackcap will be distinguished from its scratchy beginnings.

The real magic of this wildlife experience is that it takes place in the heart of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the wild corridors of the post-industrial culture-hotspot of Ouseburn Valley. Parabolic dishes bring bird calls 10 x closer to your ears, and will cancel out background noise for an immersive, clear acoustic experience in central Newcastle. Each attendee can enjoy a shared group experience in meeting the musicians with the unique combination of technology we bring to this experience.

With your Wild Intrigue Guide curating the entire acoustic safari, you will be introduced to the birds making each call, discovering the names and intriguing behaviours of each musician in Ouseburn’s urban dawn chorus.

Profits from our 2024 Dawn Chorus Discos will go straight into our Wild Ouseburn community rewilding project, helping to explore, celebrate and document wildlife in the Lower Ouseburn Valley.

There are heaps of wild encounters to enjoy in northern England, explore them here.


Adults £30

Under 18’s £20

Under 18’s must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult, suitable for ages 12 and above. Pre-booking is essential.

Location & Dates

2024 DATES

Friday 12th April

Sunday 21st April

Sunday 5th May (International Dawn Chorus Day)



Spiller’s Car Park (by the Cycle Hub)

Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 1BU


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Mini Exped

Celebrate Dawn Chorus in true Wild Intrigue style, mixing the dawn orchestra with silent disco tech!

Using a parabolic dish and wireless headphones, you will be guided in an immersive acoustic safari to 'meet' the musicians within the orchestra; honing in on individual bird calls with headphones on, and enjoying the full orchestra with headphones off.

Ouseburn is one of Newcastle's urban wildlife hubs, come and hear all about it...


This urban wildlife experience based in Newcastle starts at:

Spiller's Car Park (by the Cycle Hub), Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE6 1BU

More details on meeting your Wild Intrigue guides on the morning will be shared upon booking.

Accommodation Tips

Accommodation is not provided on Mini Expeds, however there are a variety of accommodation providers in and around Newcastle.

Get in touch with Wild Intrigue to explore accommodation options.

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