Bats & Beers

A microbrewery in the wilds

Join Wild Intrigue and First & Last Brewery Northumberland for a night like no other! Discover the award winning beers inspired by Northumberland’s wild landscape, before searching for some of the nocturnal wildlife that calls it home.

First & Last Brewery Northumberland is an award-winning, family run, microbrewery based in the community of Elsdon, in the heart of Northumberland.

Explore the art of brewing, as Sam & Red share their skills and passion in crafting award winning beers, delving into the subtleties and characters of each. Much of the collection is not only made in Northumberland, but with Northumberland too! Using locally foraged and sourced ingredients, First & Last Brewery Northumberland craft beers to give you a real taste of this beautiful county.

Adding flavour to the story of this small rural brewery, you will have the opportunity to sample a collection of their sought-after beers.

The night doesn’t end there! You will embark upon a guided bat safari to track down the much-misunderstood creatures of the night that share the village of Elsdon with the brewery. With bat detectors in hand, you will be able to eavesdrop on a whole new world of ultrasound clicks, slaps and pops as the bats hunt for ‘breakfast’, and chat with each other as they emerge from their roosts.

Bats suffer a bad rep across the world, now more than ever. Wild Intrigue’s Bats & Beers Mini Exped have been created to big up our bats, which have been cruising our skies for tens of millions of years. By joining this Mini Exped you will be contributing to the conservation of bats, which cruise the starry night skies above First & Last Brewery Northumberland.

The beers provided will be suitable for vegans.

There are plenty of wild encounters to enjoy in northern England, explore Wild Intrigue’s full collection here.


Adults £25.00

Under 18’s £20.00

This event is of course tailored toward adults, however under 18s, aged 14 and above, may attend; non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.  

Location & Dates

2022 Dates


Friday 10th


Friday 1st


Thursday 4th


Monday 1st


First & Last Brewery

Elsdon, Northumberland  NE19 1AA


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Mini Exped

A glimpse into what to expect on the Mini Exped; such as wildlife that's guaranteed and likely to be seen, any treats that are included and who's made them, and other 'good to know' stuff.


Where the Mini Exped will take place, what urban/ rural habitats to expect, and a brief insight into who manages the land, where appropriate. To respect the privacy of landowners, exact meeting locations will be provided upon booking in some instances.

Accommodation Tips

Mini Expeds don't include accommodation, but who doesn't enjoy a cheeky rewilding break? Here you can find tips on local accommodation, as well as any special accommodation offers that might apply to your Mini Exped (treats!).

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