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Moths & Muffins Morning

Wild Northumbrian

A kaleidoscope of colour awaits!

Discover the enchantment of the night on a Moths & Muffins Morning, hosted at Wild Northumbrian, Tarset. This rural glamping site is managed with wildlife at its heart, and supports a rich mosaic of habitats that attract magical moth species such as the Burnished Brass, Elephant Hawkmoth, Peach Blossom, and Garden Tiger.

Based from the Swallow Hut, Wild Intrigue will introduce you to the spectacular beauty and importance of these misunderstood creatures. Intriguing discussions and insights into live-caught moths will be enjoyed, over a tasty brekkie of locally sourced muffins and bottomless fresh coffee and orange juice.

kaleidoscope of colour awaits! You will have the opportunity to go through the moth traps, set the night before, with Wild Intrigue as they identify the species captured. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to take incredible photographs of these much under-rated invertebrates, showing the impressive camouflage and vibrancy of different species.

Moth trapping is vital for conservation as moths play an important role as nocturnal pollinators, and are an indicator of changes in the climate and habitats. Once captured and recorded all moths will be safely released back to the wild.

Suitable for adults as well as families with children. Under 18s must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

There are plenty of wild encounters to enjoy in northern England, explore Wild Intrigue’s full collection here.



Adults £15 

Under 18’s £12

Under 18’s must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult. Pre-booking is essential.

Location & Dates

2024 DATES

Wednesday 24th July

Thursday 25th July

Wednesday 31st July

Thursday 1st August

9.30am – 11am



Wild Northumbrian Tipis & Yurts

Thorneyburn Old Rectory
NE48 1NA

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Mini Exped

What better way to start your morning than a hot coffee, muffin and... a bucket load of moths! 

You will join Wild Intrigue to discover the kaleidoscope of vibrant colour that awaits as the prior night’s moth traps are emptied. This is a perfect opportunity for macro photography, or to simply discover the hidden world of our night time pollinators. Moths are live-caught and safely released after identification.


A mosaic of semi-ancient woodland, wildflower meadow and river make Wild Northumbrian a fascinating site for moth trapping.

Surrounded by birdsong and the tranquility of the Northumberland National Park, we will settle into the beautiful surroundings of Wild Northumbrian's Swallow Hut.

Located about a 10 minute drive outside of Bellingham, the address for this Mini Exped is: Wild Northumbrian Tipis and Yurts, Thorneyburn Old Rectory, Hexham, Northumberland, NE48 1NA

Accommodation Tips

Accommodation is not provided on Wild Intrigue Mini Expeds, however there are a number of wonderful accommodation providers based local to Wild Northumbrian. From camping to yurts and hotels, why not make a break of it?

Get in touch with Wild Intrigue to find out about your accommodation options.

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