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Night Out with Nightjars

An Evening of Awe in the Enchanted Forest

As the sun dips below the horizon and twilight descends upon the forests of the Tyne Valley, the nocturnal world awakens. Among the creatures that stir, one enigmatic bird has captivated human imagination for millennia—the elusive Nightjar.

These cryptically camouflaged birds undertake a remarkable journey, migrating thousands of miles from Africa to our heathlands, forests, woodland edges, and moorlands during the summer months. They return to Northumberland in May, only to migrate back to Africa with the onset of September.

Adorned with enormous, otherworldly eyes, mysterious whiskers known as rictal bristles, and wide mouths, Nightjars are perfectly adapted for their nocturnal lifestyle. Shrouded in mystery and superstition, these birds have woven themselves into the very fabric of folklore. From the ancient myth of sucking goat’s milk—earning them the moniker ‘Goat Sucker’—to being revered as Odin’s night Ravens, Nightjars have both created fear and inspiration through the ages.

One of the most enchanting experiences of the Nightjar encounter is their unique song—known as churring. As darkness envelops the forest, the male Nightjar’s continuous, mechanical churring sound fills the air, an eerie and mesmerizing serenade that can last for minutes on end. This rhythmic, otherworldly sound resonates through the stillness of the night, creating an atmosphere of enchantment and mystery. It’s a rare auditory spectacle that immerses you in nature, leaving you spellbound by the forest’s hidden symphony.

Join us for an enchanting evening where we delve into the secrets of the Nightjar and explore the other fascinating nocturnal wildlife that calls the Tyne Valley home. Let the magic of the forest night transport you to a place where nature’s wonders reveal themselves under the cloak of darkness.

Night Out with Nightjars takes place in the Tyne Valley, within 10 miles of Corbridge, exact location details will be provided on booking.


TICKETS £35.00

Suitable for ages 14 and above, all ticket prices £35.00. Pre-booking is essential. Under 18s must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult. 

Location & Dates

2024 DATES

Sunday 23rd June

Friday 28th June

Wednesday 3rd July

830pm – 11pm



Tyne Valley, within 10 miles of Corbridge. Exact meeting location will be provided upon booking.

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Mini Exped

This guided Night Out with Nightjars experience, will introduce you to theNightjar and their history, folklore and ecology. Your Wild Intrigue guide will share fascinating insights into this nocturnal species on a walking safari through the forests of the Tyne Valley. 

The evening will start with a dusk exploration of nearby habitats, discovering other forests wildlife. As the sun sets we'll get into position to listen and watch the incredible Nightjars.

All of Wild Intrigue's experiences have ethical wildlife watching at their heart.


This experience is based in the Tyne Valley, within 10 miles of Corbridge.

Full details will be shared upon booking.

Accommodation Tips

Accommodation is not provided on Mini Expeds, however there are a variety of accommodation options in the Tyne Valley and surrounding areas.

Get in touch with Wild Intrigue to explore accommodation options.

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