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Kittiwakes & Doughnuts

Meet our Geordie Seafarers

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the worlds most inland seabird colony on Wild Intrigue’s popular Kittiwakes & Doughnuts experience.

After spending half of the year out at sea, the Tyne Kittiwakes return to nest on the buildings and bridges of Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside, their calls a wild backdrop to a lively hub of restaurants, galleries, hotels and pubs.

Wild Intrigue have teamed up with ornithologist Daniel Turner from the Tyne Kittiwake Partnership to provide a fascinating talk, and Proven Goods Co. to treat us with some delicious local doughnuts.

Your Wild Intrigue guides will take you on a leisurely Quayside Kittiwake Safari, first taking in the spectacular Kittiwake colony on BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, where the Kittiwakes are welcomed back to nest on the iconic building. From there you will explore the quayside, where you will discover the fascinating story of the Tyne Kittiwakes, along with more of this urban colony’s incredible nesting spots. With a picture perfect, world-famous backdrop of the River Tyne, you will have the opportunity to observe these beautiful birds raising their families on their ‘urban cliffs’.

Afterwards, local ornithologist Dan Turner from the Tyne Kittiwake Partnership will share the intriguing ecology of the lives of the Tyne Kittiwakes in a fascinating illustrated talk. Dan has been surveying the Tyne Kittiwakes for at least 40 years, and hold an incredible amount of knowledge and passion for our seabird colony. Before settling in to enjoy Dan’s talk, you can choose an irresistible, handcrafted doughnut by artisan, Newcastle based Proven Goods Co.

Keen to share our urban Kittiwake kingdom with your little ones? We’re delighted to return this year with our popular Family Kittiwakes & Doughnuts experience! To begin the mini adventure, you will first discover Kittiwakes through the beautiful story of John Miles’s Kitty the Toon – the perfect chance to enjoy a scrumptious Proven Goods Co. doughnut! Afterwards you will embark on a Quayside Safari to meet the Tyne Kittiwakes, hearing tales of their adventures and lives, with plenty of time for little (and big!) ones to ask questions.

The Tyne Kittiwakes are an intriguing and recognised part of our urban natural heritage. As always, all profits from Wild Intrigue’s 2024 Kittiwakes & Doughnuts experiences will contribute to supporting the Tyne Kittiwake colony.



Adults £25

Under 18’s £12

(Most suitable for ages 11 and above)


Adults £15

Children £12

(Most suitable for families with children aged 10 and under)


All under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder. Pre-booking essential.

Location & Dates


Friday 28th June

Saturday 29th June

Thursday 4th June 

Saturday 6th June


Friday 21st June

Sunday 30th June


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Mini Exped

Immerse yourself in Newcastle / Gateshead quayside's wild spectacle, the Tyne Kittiwakes.

Your Wild Intrigue guides will lead you on a fascinating tour of the Tyne Kittiwake colony, who return to the North East each year to raise their young. After your safari, discover how this urban architecture is vital to the survival of the Tyne colony in an illustrated talk by Dan Turner of the Tyne Kittiwake Partnership, whilst enjoying a handcrafted artisan doughnut by Proven Goods Co. All profits from this Mini Exped contribute to supporting the Tyne Kittiwakes. 


This urban safari takes place on the Newcastle / Gateshead quayside, the most inland summer breeding site of the Tyne Kittiwakes. The meeting location will be at Baltic Square, and will be shared fully upon booking.

Accommodation Tips

Being in the heart of Newcastle and Gateshead quayside, there are a variety of different accommodation options nearby. Get in touch if you would like some local tips on this.

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