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Spirit of the Wild

Delectable nature restoration at Hepple Wilds

Nestled between the River Coquet and Simonside hills in beautiful Northumberland, lies Hepple Wilds, a landscape of restoration and rejuvenation.

Since 2020, this 4000 acre estate has embraced natural processes, and is on a journey of ecosystem restoration by encouraging wildness, with gentle intervention where required. Free-roaming Longhorn cattle, Highland cattle and Exmoor Ponies have been introduced. These magnificent animals help to create diverse ecosystems by creating openings, transporting seed and nutrients which encourages more diverse plants, scrub and trees, supporting a wealth of wildlife including moths, beetles, birds and bats.

There is another, delicious benefit to nature restoration – the produce that we can enjoy from a healthy landscape. There are few that manage to capture the unique character of a wilder landscape more truly than the Hepple Spirits Co.

Our “Spirit of the Wild” experience is an exploration of the wild and delicious benefits that are created by nature and Hepple Spirits Co and strengthened by the nature-led ethos and light-touch management of the Hepple Estate.

The evening will begin with a walking sunset safari in Hepple Wilds, at the magical time of day when birds come home roost, and crepuscular wildlife begins to emerge.

The richness of plants and restored wetland on the Hepple Estate supports an impressive stock of food for nocturnal wildlife. The wilder land offers opportunities for small mammals to manoeuvre away from Tawny Owls and Barn Owls, frequently observed hunting on the estate, along with Red Foxes and Badgers. The rich moth and insect life also supports bats including Common and Soprano Pipistrelles, which hunt the diverse habitat edges.

After exploring Hepple Wilds, you will be guided in a fascinating tour and tasting at the Hepple Spirits distillery by Walter Riddell, Founder of Hepple Spirits and Cultivator of Hepple Estate . You will discover how art, science and nature combine in the distillery to produce spirits which hold the character and flavour of the botanicals used – many of which are harvested on the Hepple Estate. After sampling some of the drinks, will have the opportunity to buy bottles to take home with you, from the creator of Hepple Spirits himself.

We are incredibly proud to support the work of Hepple Wilds through our Spirit of the Wild experience. 


Tickets £45

Suitable for ages 18 and above. Pre-booking is essential. A percentage of profits from this experience will be donated to Hepple Wilds.

Location & Dates

2024 DATES

Sunday 12th May | 8.15pm – 10.15pm

Friday 7th June | 8pm – 10pm



Hepple Spirits Co., Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65 7LN 

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Mini Exped

Our Spirit of the Wild experience is co-hosted with Hepple Spirits Co. on the beautiful Hepple Wilds estate, situated near Rothbury in Northumberland. You will discover how nature restoration and sensitive land management offer new opportunities for wildlife to thrive alongside local artisan produce. The experience will encompass a walking, sunset nature safari in the Hepple Estate with Wild Intrigue, followed by a guided tour of the small Hepple Spirits Co. distillery with Walter Riddell.


This experience is based at the Hepple Wilds Estate, located at

Hepple Spirits Co., Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65 7LN 

Full details on meeting your Wild Intrigue guide on the evening of the experience will be shared upon booking.

Accommodation Tips

Accommodation is not provided on Mini Expeds, however there are a variety of accommodation options in the local area, please feel welcome to get in touch with Wild Intrigue to explore accommodation options.

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