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Fancy 25% off any Expedition? (Ok, silly question…)

13 Apr Fancy 25% off any Expedition? (Ok, silly question…)

So why have we decided to give you 25% off ANY Wild Intrigue Expedition this year?

Well we’ve just set up our first free e-newsletter (yippee!) and we’d like you you to join our list of lovely subscribers – that’s all. No sneaky catch, no spam emails (we’re pretty rubbish at posting regularly as it is!), we’re just inviting you to sign up so we can send you occasional emails on upcoming Expeditions, offers we have on Expeds and equipment, and stuff we might think you’re interested in – such as new species we discover (wouldn’t that be nice!).

So, fancy an adventure this year?

Great! Well once you subscribe to our shiny new e-newsletter, we’ll send you an email with a little more info on how you can book an Expedition with your 25% off treat.

Basically, how it works is:

  • Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter by 19th April ’17.
  • Sit down with a brew & heaps of biscuits, have a look through our Expeditions and pick your favourite. You can do this at any point throughout 2017, as long as your chosen Expedition takes place this year, you can get 25% off the price! We’ll be adding more Northumberland based Expeditions later in the year, but the current Scotland based Expeditions are our last this year – so book ’em quick.
  • Place your deposit as usual, the adventure begins!
  • We’ll then invoice you later for the remaining amount – with your 25% off treat taken into account.

So, say you fancied our 7 night adventure on the Isle of Carna, West Scotland, complete with all training, accommodation and a day long whale-watching trip – you would pay £375, instead of the standard £500. Treats, ey?

When you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll send us your email address and your name, so we can keep track of who’s been awarded the deal to ensure you don’t accidentally pay full price.

We get that some folk prefer to book with friends too, and it’ll be little awkward down the pub if you’ve paid, say £300 for the our Eurasian Beavers Expedition and your mates paid £400! So feel free to forward our newsletter link to them too. As long as you both subscribe to the newsletter by 19th April, and book your Expedition before the ‘booking deadline date’ online, you’re good to go!

What are Wild Intrigue Expeditions all about?

Wild Intrigue Expeditions are about getting you to experience AMAZING wild places, training you in ethical ways to observe, survey and identify wildlife, and helping you feel that little bit wilder, that little bit more ‘yourself’.

We select Expedition locations carefully to ensure you experience ‘that feeling’ you only get in the wildest places, cocooned by Nature, learning why wildlife certainly isn’t a backdrop to be overlooked – it’s to be lived in!

Hearing and identifying your first Bat on a heterodyne detector is just fab – actually knowing that the speedy little blur darting and weaving above your head at night is a Soprano Pipistrelle, is better than an early evening on the couch.

Seeing your first White-tailed Eagle, pretty much a gigantic, feathered barn door, gliding towards you over a secluded sea loch, is more thrilling than sitting in that pub – beer gardens included.

Feeling and smelling the ocean breeze whipping past, whilst Minke Whales and Common Dolphins appear from the depths around you, sure beats a day in front of your laptop.

It’s not only the immediate thrill of these encounters that matter, every experience like this sticks with you, sort of like gum on your shoe – but considerably more pleasant. I can remember the exact feeling of running my fingers through Loch Sunart, as we slowly sailed around the Isle of Carna, and can remember my heart thumping at seeing my first Harbour Porpoise not 5 meters from where my fingers touched the clear, turquoise water. It’s an incredible feeling!

But why does this matter? Well little moments like this keep me feeling inspired and, put quite simply, happy, when I return to ‘society’; the noisy traffic, the endless technology, the work worries, the fast-moving crowds. Despite all this I remain happy, because I know the places where the wild things are – for real – I’ve seen them, and so can you.

See you in the wilds.


Photographing Beavers
Rebecca’s first day with Wild Intrigue